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I work for a prototyping company here in MI that builds robots for an international company. Both companies have been looking for anyone that can match a paint color to a powder coat under all types lighting for about 4 weeks with little to no success. We found this place through a friend of a friend and they perfectly matched the color in a matter of minutes. We tested it in sunlight, LED lighting, fluorescent, Incandescent, shade, shadow, and everything else we could think of. Perfect match, just awesome! They just helped us finish a 1 million dollar prototype and grabbed our future contracts as well. Excellent work A.C.S. *

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Auto Body Paint Supplier In Roseville MI | Automotive Color Supply - main-contentWhether you need paint, supplies or equipment, we're your one-stop shop!

Automotive Color Supply is a supplier of automotive paint equipment and supplies for anyone in the Roseville, Detroit, Troy, Warren and surrounding areas! We provide all of your vehicle care needs by offering on-site color matching, putting any color paint into a 12 oz. aerosol can for your convenience.

When it comes to product variety, our products list include all industry-leading and OEM approved materials - meaning we'll supply anything you need, ensuring it's only the best in the industry.

Automotive Color Supply caters to your every paint need!

Are you planning on painting a car or do you run a body shop and constantly need automotive paint supplies, tools and equipment? We're your one stop shop for auto paint supplies and order everything you need to prime and paint a car, truck, commercial vehicle, tractor or any other project! Our auto paint supply includes paints, painting tools, curing lamps, sandpaper, automotive masking tapes, papers, rags and more!

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Whether you are a paint shop or just looking for automotive paint equipment and supplies for yourself, Automotive Color Supply is here to serve you!

Our large supply of automotive paint, supplies and equipment includes some of the highest-quality materials and are manufacturer-recommended. With a vast line of paint supply products and services, there's nothing we can't help you with. Whether you are a paint shop or a home restorer, we carry all the tools, products and materials to achieve a professional level result!