Automotive Paint Services for Jobs of All Sizes in Roseville, MI 

Auto Paint Services in Roseville MI | Automotive Color Supply - body-paintWhether you’re planning to paint your own car or a customer’s vehicle, we have the services to give you the upper hand.

Painting a vehicle is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of logistics that come into play, including precise color matching, priming, spraying down the perfect coat of paint and sealing. When it comes to your car’s exterior paint, we’ve got you covered!  

Our experienced staff have many years of combined experience with painting vehicles and have a great understanding of getting an optimal finish on your car or truck. We are the guys to ask about auto paint supplies!

Our Services Offered:

  • On the Spot Paint Color Matching
  • Prompt Delivery Services
  • Consigned Equipment
  • Consigned Materials
  • Computer Workstation
  • Volume Discounts

Auto Paint Services in Roseville MI | Automotive Color Supply - productsTop of the Line Paint Matching Services for Repairs and Custom Paint Jobs 

When it comes to doing a repair on your car or truck, matching your paint to the precise color is extremely important. Trust the team at Automotive Color Supply to match your auto paint to an exact shade! We offer on-site color matching services to create the perfect match for your vehicle, and will put your new paint in an aerosol spray can for a fine, seamless finish. Our technology is far more advanced than anyone else’s in the area, and we pride ourselves on blending the perfect color – each and every time!

Always dreamed about painting your hot rod the perfect shade of red? We can create custom paint just for you that will ensure your car is one in a million! Just bring us in a sample of the color and we will work with you to create the perfect paint for your next DIY project. We can even pearlize the paint for you!

Commercial and Industrial Automotive Paint Services for Any Size Shop

Supplying your auto shop with the best body shop paints in the industry is imperative when it comes to keeping your customers satisfied, and our shop carries nothing but the highest quality. Our business services have been supplying all of the top paint shops with the most reliable brands of paint for over 66 years. These brands include Axalta, Cromax, Evercoat, Nason Finishes, SATA, Fillon Technologies, Dupli-Color and many more! From the smallest paint shop to a large industrial setting, we can create a paint order and delivery option for your business.

We work closely with you to learn more about the paints you and your customers need, and from there suggest the best products for your order. Our team delivers your order promptly, and we even offer deliveries on Saturdays! Seeing our customers’ businesses grow and become successful is something that is extremely important to us, and we take your business very seriously. Trust the automotive paint suppliers with decades of experience! 

To request a paint color match for your next paint job or an order for your paint shop, contact the professionals at Automotive Color Supply! We have all the services needed in one place to make your project a success.